ST. LOUIS ( -- Tenants of a troubled apartment complex in south St. Louis are refusing to pay rent until their demands are met.

South City T.E.H. tenants refusing to pay rent until demands are met

Tenants of Southwest Crossing Apartments in the Carondelet neighborhood took to the streets in protest on Sunday refusing to pay rent to property owner T.E.H. due to bad living conditions.

Terrell Woodson said he's been living at Southwest Crossing Apartments since 2014. He said conditions keep getting worse by the year. 

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“No maintenance, as far as lights being out on the property, trash not being picked up, water is being cut off, people are living with black mold. They are living with rats, mice, roaches,” Woodson said. “They’re living with holes in their ceilings, their bathroom ceilings, the conditions are really horrible.“

Woodson was one of several tenants protesting on Sunday. The tenants are demanding action from property owner T.E.H. Realty. The demands include ceasing pending evictions, addressing health and safety concerns and staffing main offices and maintenance crews. 

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“We want them to know they will not be getting any more of our money until the conditions change,” Woodson said.

Michael Shultz with Homes for All St. Louis said the situation is not easy. The group Homes for All St. Louis helped organize the protest.

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"This is a really brave decision for people to go on rent strike, and we are just here to support them however we can," Shultz said.“We just think people deserve safe and affordable homes ... We've been working with Terrell [Woodson] for the better part of a year to set up the tenants association.”

Problems with T.E.H. Realty extend beyond Southwest Crossing. The St. Louis County Housing Authority has halted section 8 funding to T.E.H. 

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