South City man says license plates were stolen off his truck

The license plates were stolen off Ron Youngclaust's truck in Tower Grove East. Credit: KMOV

A South city resident says he got an eye-opening surprise on a recent Sunday.

The Tower Grove East man went out to his truck and saw that his license plates were gone.

“It’s not the first time we’ve had something stolen,” said Ron Youngclaust. “I guess it’s the society we live in today.”

Around Youngclaus’ neighborhood, St. Louis police have tracked high amounts of car thefts and carjackings. Currently, they have extra patrols out looking for suspicious activity.

Youngclaus is concerned the thieves that took his plates could use them in a cover-up for other crimes.

“I called the police department, made a police report and told them what the license plate was,” Youngclaus said.

He is fighting back on social media by posting on the Nextdoor app.

“Letting all of the neighbors know what’s going on, making them more aware there could be a problem in the neighborhood and to keep an eye out,” said Youngclaus.

Stealing a license plate is a federal offense.

Law enforcement officers recommend drivers take a look at license plates every now and again, or at least right before renewal to make sure they are on the vehicle.

Officers also suggest using anti-theft screws when installing plates to help create difficulty for thieves.

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