SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - There's new questions being raised Monday after a church in the historic Fox Park neighborhood collapsed over the weekend.

WATCH: South City church collapses to ground

Prophesy MB Church's walls and roof finally gave in Saturday afternoon. The city condemned the 1900 church in May when part of the building collapsed. 

"First thing I thought was that could have been my building," said Peggy Ladd.

Ladd bought the building next to her Benton Park home in 2012 with plans to fix it up. She says the building has deteriorated so much since then that she can no longer afford the repairs. 

Ledd is now suing the city for not allowing her to demolish the building because it's historic, dating back to the Civil War. 

“I feel like I’m sitting next to a ticking time bomb," said Ledd. “By not giving us that demolition permit, they are jeopardizing that entire area.”

The church is also considered historic, which means the city has strict requirements for repair work. The pastor tells News 4 he couldn't afford them. 

“For four years, we came in making repairs at the same time serving this community," said pastor Johnny Chester. 

St. Louis City's building commissioner, Frank Oswald, says if a property is privately owned like the church, then it's not the city's responsibility. 

News 4 wanted to ask city leaders if laws should be changed surrounding the city's involvement in demolishing dilapidated buildings, but wasn't able to speak with anyone on camera. 

A spokesperson for the city says it's spending more than $4 million in 2019 to demolish 700 buildings that are abandoned, condemned or dangerous. 

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