A teenage suspect broke a window and crawled into a home on Shenandoah Avenue just east of South Grand, and as he entered a back room, a second teenage suspect entered the house through the window.

All of this was caught on surveillance footage Wednesday afternoon with striking clarity.

As the first suspect came back into the kitchen, he pulled out a small pistol.

The two men then moved off-camera into another room before suddenly taking off when a high-pitched alarm went off.

One burglar used the back door as an exit while the other went back the way he came.

The homeowner's dogs were not startled or bothered by the break in, the video showed.

"They're calm around gunshots," said homeowner Michele Abidin.

The burglars got away with nothing, but a neighbor who lives down the street on South Compton wasn't so lucky.

Burglars stole thousands of dollars from the family, including their son's piggy bank.

Police will not say if the same two suspects are behind the multiple home invasions in the area.

If you recognize these men, you’re urged to contact police immediately.

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