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The St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney has announced he will hold a press conference at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday to announce charges regarding the Angie Housman case.

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Detectives used newly-uncovered DNA evidence to identify a suspect in 9-year-old Angie Housman’s 1993 death, sources told News 4 Tuesday. Those sources said the suspect is in federal prison on an unrelated conviction.

The news comes nearly 26 years after Housman vanished after getting off of a school bus in 1993 in St. Ann. She was found nine days later by a deer hunter in a remote area of St. Charles County. Housman had been raped.

Angie Housman

Angie Housman 

Officially, the St. Charles County authorities are being tight-lipped on details saying only, “There have been new developments in the case, but because it’s an on-going investigation we have no new information to share at this time.”

About the suspect

Sources tell News 4 the suspect is a 61-year-old white male who is in civilly confined in North Carolina.

The man was serving time on child pornography charges out of Colorado and was later criminally confined under the Adam Walsh Act – which allows authorities to keep a convict beyond their sentence, if a panel of experts deem the person is likely to re-offend.

A family member of the suspect tells News 4 she is horrified and disgusted. She hopes this serves as a reminder for parents to closely watch their children. 

Before that 1990’s arrest in Colorado, the suspect was court-martialed from the Air Force in 1982 for molesting four girls.  He was stationed at Rhein-Main Air Base in Germany at the time.

News 4 will not identify the suspect until formal charges are filed, which is expected to come within the week.

Last seen getting off school bus in St. Ann

Angie Housman was last seen getting off a school bus in November 1993 in St. Ann. Nine days later, a deer hunter found her body in a remote area of St. Charles County.

According to investigators, the 9-year-old had only been dead for a few hours when she was found.  

St. Charles County police said a fingerprint was found at the scene. Authorities have not officially commented on the DNA evidence, citing a still-active case.

The investigation went well beyond the St. Louis-area, with the FBI and Major Case Squad getting involved.

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Search for answers continues

News 4 spoke with the women who are working with other mothers to find answers in the cold case.

Trisha Trout said she and other local moms created the group “Justice for Angie Housman” in hopes of finding new leads.  

“We told them awhile ago that we were coming for him, and the police and how does it feel to know that three moms got you," said Trout. “To this monster in prison, we hope you rot.”

Angie's Angels says the arrest will be announced Wednesday. 

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