Some real estate agents using texting to sell and buy homes

Credit: Leah Patriarco

A mass text message is reaching many people who live in the Tower Grove South area that claim to be coming from real estate agents asking if you want to sell your home.

On social media, some are voicing their worry that these texts are a scam because they do not believe agents would do business over a text message.

The source behind the text is not a computer or automation. It is an actual local agent from the STL Real Estate Agency. Jim Manning, the co-owner of this agency, says texting is becoming a new, popular way to reach potential clients in a very competitive housing market.

The competition is especially tough in the Tower Grove South neighborhood as the desire to live there starts growing rapidly.

"I've lived in Tower Grove South with my family for about 11 years now," said John Regenbogen, a resident, "It's great for families, it's great for young people, it's great for seniors it's very walkable, there are so many businesses to enjoy."

Regenbogen says this growing popularity is clearly being picked up on by local real estate agents.

"We get things in the mail saying 'We really want to buy into the Tower Grove South neighborhood, would you like to sell?,'" said Regenbogen.

Some neighbors are saying on social media they are frustrated with these texts either because they have no desire to sell their home or they are renters. STL Real Estate says this is just another marketing strategy for them.

"We've been reaching out and trying to find creative ways to find homeowners who want to sell so we can buy their house from them," Manning, "90 percent of people typically read text messages."

STL Real Estate gets random phone numbers from a call list purchased from a third party.

"We're not doing some sort of mass blanket text, we're physically calling someone and if they don't pick up we're sending them a text message," said Manning.

If you get one of these texts and do not want it, you simply respond "STOP" and STL Real Estate will remove you from their call list immediately.

If you want to avoid being on any other company's or telemarketers from calling, you register your number on the "no-call list" with the Missouri Attorney General's office or the Illinois Attorney General's office.

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