Some people weather the storm to make the best of an icy Friday night

People were out and about in Soulard Friday. Credit: KMOV

While some people might chose to stay home because of the icy weather, some people chose to brave the elements for an evening out in Soulard.

"Those are the people who are die-hards who want to have a great time. Those are the people who wanted to have a great time regardless of what is going on outside," said Max Richardson.

From the inside of Hard Shell Cafe, it was not even evident that St. Louis was in the middle of an ice storm.

"The bartender here is my roommate and she said there wasn't many people here. I said alright I will come out. There is more than I thought was going to be here," says Abbie Lehman.

At McGuirks, it was much of the same.

"Just out with some friends, eating some food, having a couple of drinks, weathering the storm," says Ryan Orr.

His friend, Cody Campbell added.

"It makes it fun. I live in Soulard. It's really easy for me to get out everybody comes in so I don't have to go anywhere that is nice," says Campbell.

Many people out in Soulard said they were not going to let the bad weather put a damper on them enjoying their Friday night.

"We are not going to let everything going on outside affect what we are doing inside. We are going to have the pizza. We are going have fun regardless," said Richardson.

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