Soldier, lost puppy get reunion; but medical costs could cut into a merry Christmas

Facebook/ Front Street Animal Shelter

SACRAMENTO, Ca. ( -- A California mom went from a happy reunion to a sad message to her family recently, all ahead of the holiday season.

It started when Army Sergeant Elise Dahlberg found Ginger, the family dog.

Ginger ran off a month ago and ended up in a Sacramento animal shelter. Unfortunately, she was in bad shape. Ginger has Parvo, a viral infection that can be fatal.

Front Street Animal Shelter had been treating the infection, but the bill is up to $1,000 and growing.

So Dahlberg had to tell her children there won't be much of a Christmas this year.

“The woman paid her bill, which we love when people do. But she said, ‘If my kids have to give up Christmas to save ginger, that's just what we're going to have to do,’" said Gina Knepp, manager of Front Street Animal Shelter.

So the shelter is taking donations to help cover the bill, hoping to help Sergeant Dahlberg, her kids and Ginger, all have a happy holidays.

Anyone who wants to help cover the expenses can contact the shelter on Facebook, or by calling: (916) 808-7387.

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