ST. LOUIS ( - The St. Louis Public School District (SLPS) says it is investigating after a video was posted to Facebook that accuses one of their teachers of attempting to solicit a child for sex.

The Facebook page "Truckers Against Predators” posted the live video around 5:00 p.m. Monday. It shows the man behind the stings, Anthony Greene, confronting who he identifies as a middle school teacher in SLPS

“Do you realize the things you said to this girl? You said you wanted to take her virginity. What are you, a 7th grade teacher?” Greene said.

The man initially denies being a teacher but then says that he is.

“Depends on the year. Whatever year they need me to teach, whatever grade they need me to teach,” the teacher says.

For the sting operation, Greene says he posed as a 12-year-girl and the two exchanged hundreds of text messages.

In the video, Greene identifies the man and where he allegedly teaches. However, because he hasn't been charged, News 4 is not identifying him.

The Facebook page "Truckers Against Predators" was the subject of a News 4 investigation last year.

“People say we are vigilantes. If we were vigilantes, we wouldn't turn the camera on,” Greene said.

The sting operations, which involve confronting alleged sexual predators, are viewed hundreds of thousands of times, but don't involve police. Many times, the cases are tough to prosecute.

The district says it was alerted to the video Monday evening, is investigating its validity and whether further action needs to be taken.

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