BONNE TERRE ( - Ty Krahn bought a 2007 Chevy Avalanche in August at Blackwell Motors in Bonne Terre. Within 48 hours it needed repairs.

"Check engine light comes on,” said Krahn.

She said she contacted the car lot which sent her to a repair shop. But days after the repairs were made, the light came on and the problem came back. But Krahn said she reached out to the salesman who’d coordinated the previous repairs and felt like she was getting the runaround.

"Left messages, sat on hold, re-called and called back," said Krahn.

Krahn is a single mother with a 15-month old son and 14-year old daughter. When she was delivering her son, doctors found a tumor on her cervix. Recently she learned the cancer metastasized to her liver and now she’s battling stage-4 liver cancer. She needs reliable transportation to get to doctor’s appointments and her cancer treatment.

"It's hit me kind of hard, I mean this one, I mean because I'm not as strong as what I was from the last time," said Krahn.

News 4 contacted the owner of Blackwell Motors, Kevin Blackwell, and put him in touch with Krahn.

"My apologies, you know I think it's just a misunderstanding," said Blackwell.

Blackwell said he spoke with his staff to ensure this kind of misunderstanding doesn’t happen again. He also said he’ll ensure that the auto repair shop that worked on her truck the first time will do the repairs properly at no cost to her.

"Thirty years of business is based on repeat business. Trust me, I'm not going to run off business for a check engine light, it's just not going to happen," said Blackwell.

Krahn said knowing she’d get her truck repaired and can be confident she’ll have reliable transportation gives her peace of mind.

A GoFundMe  account has been set up to help Krahn with expenses while she battles cancer.

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