ST. LOUIS ( - St. Louis police say they have issued numerous summonses to riders participating in the Ride of the Century.

Stunt Riders, Ride of Century

An ATV Rider perform stunts in downtown St. Louis.

The motorcycle riding event, which took place in St. Louis this weekend, featured many riders performing stunts on city streets, which many non-participants say put other motorists in danger.

Police said nine motorcycles were towed from the 1300 block of Lucas on the northern edge of downtown St. Louis. 15 summons were issued for excessive noise, not having a license and improperly affixing license plates against nine motorcyclists.

Motorcyclist cited

A motorcyclist being cited for riding on the Archgrounds

Park rangers also issued one citation after several riders were doing stunts on the Archgrounds.

Brett Rich, who was there with his family, recorded video of motorcyclists surrounding a wedding party on the Archgrounds.

"We saw a line of motorcycles, a dozen of more pouring onto the Archgrounds," said Rich. "What struck me was how incredibly disrespectful is was. St. Louis went though a lot to get these renovations at the Archgrounds and I was happy to go down there and enjoy it." 

Motorcycles on Archgrounds

Motorcyclists from Ride of the Century surround a wedding party on the Archgrounds

Police also said they received several calls Saturday afternoon for other incidents such as a report of motorcyclists assaulting someone near 21st Street and Market and a call for motorcyclists assaulting a man in a truck at 4th Street and Market.

They also said they received a report of motorcyclists getting into arguments with pedestrians near the intersection of 4th and Washington.

However, when police arrived at all three locations, they said they could not find a victim.

Several incidents are on full display on social media.

One video shows several Cardinals fans outside Busch Stadium yelling for motorcyclists to get off the sidewalk. It then escalates and one fan gets punched.

Someone was also recording when a passenger in a car was punched in the face by a biker in downtown St. Louis.

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