Several Commerce Bank customers say their accounts were recently drained

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Several local customers of Commerce Bank say they had their accounts drained recently.

Gary Adams’ son was at the mall on Sunday when he had an unwelcome surprise.

“He went to the mall to make a purchase for Christmas and the action was declined three times. So he checked his online bank account and saw three withdrawals were taken out,” said Gary Adams.

In total, his account was short more than $1,000. The withdrawels were from an ATM at MLK and Grand.

He wasn’t alone. Another Commerce bank customer said the same thing happened to her. Someone took out three withdrawals of several hundred dollars at a Warson Woods ATM.

Adams said the bank told him that many people were affected.

“They said it was in the St. Louis area and it affected a lot of people and they were contacting them,” said Adams.

Carl Bradbury, Director of Consumer Card Products at Commerce Bank, told News 4 that at any given time, they are dealing with 100 breaches, saying bad guys are always seeking pin information.

"The attempted theft of financial info is an international problem, it's just part of the financial world these days," Bradbury said.

He said it is unusual for us to have received so many calls locally, but that they couldn't point to one thing in particular affecting all of the accounts. He said Commerce Bank customers will be reimbursed for all funds taken fraudulently.

He said a common place for thieves to strike is at gas stations, where skimming devices can be placed. But its impossible to know exactly where the card information was stolen from he added.

Victims that spoke to News 4 said they are frustrated with how long it will take to get their money back.

“They said it was going to take 5-7 business days,” one victim said.

The bank says getting text alerts for every transaction is the best way to know exactly what’s happening to your money.

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