ST. LOUIS ( -- U.S. Senator Josh Hawley toured one of T.E.H. Realty's worst properties on Saturday, Bridgeport Crossing.

News 4 has documented how conditions at their metro properties are dirty and disturbing.

Holly David lives in the Bridgeton complex. She said raw sewage has been pumping into her basement for two months. 

“Had I known all that from the beginning I would of never rented here,” she said.

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“It's frustrating because, just last year I lost everything, I lost my sister, my dad, my good credit, and now I'm starting over, to what I got to start all over again,” David said. “All they’re doing is collecting our rent money and doing nothing with it."

Hawley toured her apartment and the apartment of Sandra Hornsby, who had her oven on and several space heaters running because the temperature in the apartment was in the 30s.

"I can't wait to see my bill for this month. It is going to be terrible. It's probably going to be higher than my normal gas and electric together," said Hornsby.

Hornsby and Hawley also walked down to a basement where both looked at a water heater that needs repairs.

Similar problems are repeated at T.E.H. properties around the area as well as Kansas City, Oklahoma, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

Hawley wants an immediate investigation into the company. He wrote a letter to the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 

In the letter, Hawley said "I write following disturbing reports of unacceptable housing conditions in the St. Louis region. For years, residents in the region have had to put up with conditions ranging from significant rodent infestations, to mold, to broken furnaces that leave residents with no source of heat during winter."

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“I therefore ask HUD to work with local housing authorities to ensure that residents who are affected by bad management companies receive all interim relief to which they are entitled, including Tenant Protection Vouchers and Enhanced Vouchers," Hawley said. "Providing these benefits would enable residents to obtain adequate housing with minimal disruption and with the opportunity to stay in their communities.”

After the tour, Hawley said he felt action was needed more than ever.

T.E.H. will not talk to its tenants and they haven’t returned News 4’s calls or emails.

The company is also not paying bills to many municipalities.

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