ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( -- A second woman has filed suit against a local tennis club and their owner and employees, seeking damages after an alleged sexual assault when she was under age.

Woman files suit against West County tennis center after childhood sexual assault

Javier Pozo was sentenced to 9 months in jail on sodomy charges. for incidents that occurred in 2013. (Credit: STL County Police)

The suit names Javier Pozo as one of the defendants, saying Pozo groomed the woman, identified in the suit as Janet Doe, and eventually engaged in sexual acts with her while she was 17 years old.

Pozo pleaded guilty to statutory sodomy and rape in 2016 for incidents involving another woman, who said he assaulted her between the ages of 12 and 16. He was sentenced to probation and is registered as a sex offender.

The victim in that case also filed a civil suit against Pozo, as well as Forest Lake Tennis Club where he was employed. The suit also named Miller Tennis Academy, which operates out of Forest Lake Tennis Club, and Mike Miller, who owns the academy.

That civil suit eventually reached a settlement, but the details of the settlement are not public.

This most recent civil suit names all the same defendants plus Jorge Ramirez, a co-worker of Pozo’s.

The suit says that while Pozo committed the alleged assault, “This improper sexual relationship was facilitated by Defendant Pozo’s role as a tennis professional with Miller, MTA and Forest Lake.”

Attorneys argue it was the duty of Forest Lake and MTA to protect their students and employees, and despite being aware of Pozo’s behavior, they failed to prevent the girl’s assault.

“Defendant Mike Miller was notified and questioned about Javier Pozo being a 'creep' with improper conduct towards minors. However, he failed to act and dismissed the improper conduct as being part of Mr. Pozo’s “culture.”” the suit reads.

The suit also alleges Ramirez witnessed Pozo inappropriately touching the girl and says he reportedly asked her if she was OK repeatedly, but never reported anything to his superiors.

The woman worked at Forest Lake Tennis Academy from 2005-2007, and while in college filled in on weekends and during breaks.

According to the suit, Pozo contacted her and traveled to meet her in her college town “in furtherance of his grooming process.”

The suit is seeking damages relative to the woman’s emotional suffering, which they say is linked to PTSD from the assault.

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