School district yanks support of April 20 student-organized walkout

After more than a month of support, Frisch feels school leaders are bailing on a plan for students to peacefully and respectfully walk-out of class Friday. Credit: KMOV

Hundreds of students in the Fox School District had planned to walk out Friday with the support of educators but the district withdrew its support.

Disappointment, confusion and anger describe some of the emotions of students. The Fox students were planning to take part in a national walkout to protest gun violence in schools.

"We feel betrayed by the central office," said Connor Frisch.

Frisch, a Fox High sophomore, is annoyed to say the least.

"We had events planned. We had a whole itinerary. We had spots to let people speak," added Frisch.

After more than a month of support, Frisch feels school leaders are bailing on a plan for students to peacefully and respectfully walk-out of class Friday.

"Imagine you are on a team, someone with a prominent role quits, and says they have more prominent things to do. They just quit and leave all of us in the dust," added Frisch.

A Fox C-6 School District Spokesman told News 4 the district supports students using their voice.

Their main reason for shutting down the walkout is because of the events of April 20, 1999. Two students shot and killed 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School in Colorado.

The district says they want to put student safety first.

"We don't see their point as to why they would have to cancel on such a late notice. Not even seven days before the walkout, they pull their support," added Frisch.

Armed with hundreds of dollars’ worth of themed wristbands and signs, Frisch can't think of a better date to raise awareness on the effects of gun violence in schools.

"The date has been there since we brought up the issue," added Frisch.

Students had been talking with the district about the protest since early March. New s4 asked the district why they now have a problem with the date. They still would not give a direct answer, only saying they are now focusing on student safety.

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