ST. LOUIS ( -- Three people were taken to a hospital when a school bus got caught up a rolling gun battle on St. Louis' north side Friday afternoon.

St. Louis police on scene tell News 4 occupants of a black SUV began firing shots at a red car on Floy Avenue near Leonora Avenue around 2 p.m. The red car hit the school bus as the shots were being fired. The bus then crashed into a home. 

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The First Student bus was transporting 13 KIPP Triumph Academy students. No students were injured. The bus driver was transported to the hospital with a severe cut on her chin due to the crash, but is expected to be okay.

"I heard boom, like big smash. Then, I fell to other side of the bus and hit my side on the seat and then the bus ran into the house, hit the tree and stuff and I went forward," Marcus Fowler, a student on the bus said. 

Students tell News4 they got off the bus after the crash and ran for cover while another round of shots were fired. 

"I was terrified. I was scared. I never imagined nothing to be like this. I've never seen another shooting at someone before. It was scary as a kid. I'm only 12" said Jonathan Bradford.

The woman driving the red car suffered a broken leg. A man was in the car with her and suffered a broken arm. Both are expected to be okay. 

Police are looking for the black SUV involved. A nearby business, John Chop Suey, recorded video that, employees say, showed the wanted vehicle driving by at the time of the shooting.

Witnesses nearby tell News 4 they dozens of gunshots. 

KIPP Triumph Academy sent home the following note to parents:

Dear KIPP Families,

I want to let you know about an incident that occurred this afternoon.

On the way home from school, KIPP Triumph Academy bus number 8150 was involved in an accident. There were several students on board at the time.

The accident was reported to First Student, school administrators, and the police. As soon as the school was informed, KIPP staff went to the location of the accident. The accident involved gunshots fired near the bus.

Thankfully, no KIPP scholars were injured.

We are happy to report that all of the students on board the bus were evaluated by paramedics, and were sent home with family members.

The response to this incident was a true team effort. I want to express gratitude to those involved, including the bus driver who ensured our students were safe.

As always, we put the safety of our students first. We are very glad that all of our scholars are safe following this accident.

Editor's Note: The St. Louis City Police Department initially said the driver of the red car was shot in the leg and another person was also shot. On Saturday, police said no one was shot.

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