ST. LOUIS ( - A senior executive of Schlafly resigned after allegations surfaced of negative, misleading information made in an anonymous newsletter about a competitor.

According to a press release, the resignation comes after the brewery discovered misleading information was made against 4 Hands Brewing Company through an an anonymous newsletter called Brew-IQ in the Lou.

The newsletter, which was sent to other local bars and restaurants, contained a coded reference to 4 Hands Brewing Company facing a dilemma in the "Me Too" era.

Also the executive allegedly also circulated information through "deceptive online postings and phone surveys" to other local bars and restaurants earlier this year. 

Officials say the senior executive acted alone without the knowledge of other Saint Louis Brewery's employees and owners.

Although Schlafly has not named the executive, St. Louis Brewery officials confirmed James Pendegraft has resigned Wednesday and the company is searching for a replacement. 

Pendegraft has been a senior executive with the company since 2015. 

Schlafly issued the following apology:

“We were embarrassed to learn of these actions and sincerely apologize to 4 Hands Brewing Company,” said Tom Schlafly, chairman of SLB. “Such actions are inconsistent with the core values on which we were founded and which have defined Schlafly for 27 years. The craft brewing industry in St. Louis was built by a closely-knit group of breweries that mutually respect one another. There’s no question that 4 Hands has earned its reputation for community involvement, civic pride, corporate responsibility, and inclusiveness."

President and co-owner of 4 Hands Brewing Company Kevin Lamp said, "We are grateful to have this behind us and run their business with an emphasis on family. "

"Given our City Wide charitable program, community engagement, and focus on inclusiveness, the false information that was circulated about us was all the more hurtful, inflammatory and confusing. Nonetheless, we have accepted Schlafly’s apology. We look forward to moving past these unfortunate events and focusing our energy on continuing to provide unique, high quality craft beers to the St. Louis community," he added.

Both companies have agreed to put this incident in the past and continue to "restore the mutual respect on which the craft brewing industry was built in St. Louis."

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