Atlanta, GA (CBS46) There are a number of apps that let you transfer money easily and one of the most popular is Venmo.

Chances are, you have it on your phone.

But a unique scam been happening to some unsuspecting Venmo users.

The scam works like this. A stranger approaches you on the street and asks to use your phone, saying he just needs to make a quick call.

Instead of tapping in a phone number, he actually looks through your phone quickly to see if you have the Venmo app.

If you do, he'll quickly transfer your money to his account.

He does it in a flash right in front of you and you don't even realize what's happened until your bank notifies you. But by then, the scammer is long gone.

This same kind of thing has happened to at least five women in the Midtown area in recent weeks.

CBS46 spoke with one woman told us doubts she would fall for a scam like that.

"I don't really trust those kind of apps,” said Sandra Haliburton. “I mean, there's cash app and that's an iffy thing. I only do it if I know the person one hundred percent but strangers? I don't give me phone out to no one. I'm very stingy."

If you do use apps like Venmo, what's the solution?

When you're in the app, you can go to settings and then scroll down to security.

You can set up a pin, which will make it a lot more difficult for a stranger to access your account.

That's a good idea for any app that's tied to your bank account.

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