ST. LOUIS ( -- Connor O'Shay says bike sharing saved him from homelessness.

"An OFO bike saved my life," O'Shay said.  "I got a subscription for an OFO bike and with that I was able to get a delivery job out in Clayton and because of that I was able to get myself out of that situation."

O'Shay now works downtown at Sauce on the Side.

While he's a big supporter of companies like Lime and Bird, he says he sees too much reckless behavior on scooters.

"There's no enforcement," O'Shay said. 

What upsets him the most is parents who ride on the scooters with their children. Something both Bird and Lime prohibit. 

About a week aho, O'Shay saw a mother riding around with her infant child.

Bike and Lime both require helmets and they prohibit double riding and riders must be over 18.

The city has similar regulations in place and anyone who violates them could be fined.

The city said if an officer sees a violation, they are encouraged to take action. But, they say because there aren't enough officers in the department, it's difficult to enforce scooter regulations.

O'Shay says he's simply worried about people's safety.

"I'm going to school to be an EMS and a medic and I already know I'm going to see a ton of those people in in the emergency room," O'Shay said. 

He said he feels for city police but still thinks something needs to be done.

Police sent this statement to News 4 in response to this story: 

If an officer sees a violation during their patrol, they are encouraged to take proper action. However, with the officer deficit it would be challenging to prioritize scooter enforcement. Additionally, from the beginning, Chief Hayden has promised citizens that he would focus on violent crime, and that is what he has continued to do into 2019. While there has been a drop in property crime and crime overall, our Department is committed to addressing citizens’ concerns and keeping them safe by enforcing the law.

You can read the city's ordinance, here

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