ST. CHARLES CITY, Mo. ( – Three men are facing charges after they allegedly exchanged gunfire in a St. Charles City neighborhood Saturday afternoon. 

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Corey Stringer, Jasper Jones & Isaiah Brooks are accused of firing shots at one another while driving down a St. Charles City street on Saturday.

St. Charles City Police said two vehicles were in the 900 block of St. Charles Avenue around 2 p.m. when the occupants began exchanging gunfire. Police said the suspects then drove up a mile and began shooting at each other again. 

Watch: Video shows rolling gun battle that damaged St Charles homes and cars

Police said the suspects left the scene the afternoon of the shooting. Days later, authorities announced charges had been filed against three men in relation to the incident. The suspects were identified as Jasper B. Jones, Corey Stringer and Isiah Brooks.

Jasper Jones mugshot

Jasper Jones is charged with assault and armed criminal action. (Credit: St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney's office)

Court documents state Jones accompanied Stringer as he met Brooks to sell him a pair of designer shoes. Stringer reportedly advertised the sale of the shoes on social media. The trio met at the QuikTrip on First Capitol in St. Charles for the transaction. When Stringer got into Brooks’ car, the latter allegedly pointed a gun at the man and said he was taking the shoes.

Isiah Brooks

Isiah Brooks is charged with assault and armed criminal action. (Credit: St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney's Office)

Stringer then started to wrestle with Brooks over the shoes, according to court documents. When Jones saw Brooks with a gun, he reportedly said he feared for his friend and went up to Brooks’ Pontiac, which had locked doors. Court documents state that while the duo in the Pontiac were in a struggle, Brooks started driving away with Stringer in the front seat.

Jones told police as the Pontiac drove off, he fired his AR rifle an unknown amount of times at the car. He then got into his Ford and allegedly chased the Pontiac. 

When the Pontiac was on St. Charles Avenue, Jones said it stopped and Brooks started shooting back. Jones then allegedly fired his rifle again while yelling for Stringer to be let out of the car.

Corey Stringer Mugshot

Corey Stringer is charged with assault and armed criminal action. (Credit: St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney's Office)

Stringer was able to get out of the Pontiac and run back to Jones’ Ford, according to court documents. While he was running away from the Pontiac, Stringer allegedly pointed a semi-automatic gun behind him and fired several shots down the street towards Brooks’ car with “reckless disregard,” court documents state.

Jones confessed to being involved in the incident and was charged with assault first and armed criminal action. Stringer admitted to shooting a pistol in a residential neighborhood and faces the same charges as Jones. Brooks has been charged with armed criminal action, first-degree assault and first-degree robbery.

There were no reported injuries but several homes and cars in the area were hit by bullets. 

One woman who lives on the street where the rolling gun battle happened said she believes her sister could have been hit if the shots had been fired a few minutes later.

"Well, in about five more minutes, my sister would have been in the van going to her second job. She was getting her shoes on and getting ready to go out of other door when she heard the shots," said Lydell Hemmingsen.

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