Retired Admiral leads job search for veterans


Retired Rear Admiral Dan Kloeppel has accomplished a lot in his life. He’s lived in Iceland. He’s lived in San Diego. He’s played basketball for Northwestern University.

And that’s not even a fraction of it.

It’s all been in the name of the United States of America. Now, along with his wife Deborah, they operate two organizations with one job in mind.

They get veterans and their spouses jobs.

“We have almost two and a half million jobs to choose from and they’re updated every night,” Kloeppel said.

Between Corporate America Supports You (CASY) and Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) they train veterans and spouses on the job placement process and work with recruiters on getting them work.

“We make them a referral to a recruiter who we already established a relationship (with),” Kloeppel said. “We have a large team of recruiter connect people who spend all day talking to recruiters and making them understand the value of hiring veterans, why it’s a good idea and oh by the way when we send you an applicant could you please pay attention to them.

“One side gets the applicants ready. The other side gets the recruiter ready. We make the referral. They get a good job.”

They don’t take government funds. “Being in the Navy for 36 years that money needs to be spend on tip of the spear work,” Kloeppel says. So instead they rely on companies like Boeing and Magellan and FedEx to support them.

Where does the money go?

It goes to supporting their employees, which is largely made up of independent contracts called employment specialists.

“An independent contractor will usually (place) about 102 people a year. So every time we’re able to hire an independent contractor to be an employment specialist they’ll probably put about 102 people to work,” Kloeppel said.

MSCCN started in 2004. CASY began in 2004. This will be their biggest year yet in funding. They’re expecting to raise two million dollars. 96 cents of every dollar is spent on the mission.

“Nobody says ‘Here’s some money. We want to make sure you put a whole bunch of people into our company.’ We’ll work hard to do that but that’s not why they give us the money. They give us the money to do the mission,” Kloeppel said.

If you’d like to donate you can go to the CASY or MSCCN websites.

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