UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. ( -- Constant flooding and now the building is condemned. Why are people still allowed to live in such a threatening zone?

Alyssa Green and Devin Beach say on August 9 they woke up to several feet of water in their Hafner Court apartment in University City. Insurance companies turned them down, claiming they live in a flood plain. 

“I honestly think I was having a panic attack,” Green said. 

in a video taken by residents, the parking lot of the apartments can be seen submerged with water and trash can be seen floating between cars.

The apartment complex is right next to River Des Peres. 

Apartment management said they’re not commenting on the future of the buildings that are now condemned because of the water damage, but they said they're working with city officials to find a solution to the flooding.

“This isn’t the first time this has happened,” Beach said.

News 4 found this has been an ongoing issue for years. Officials with the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) said they tried buying the property back in 2017.

MSD says because of historic flooding in this area, they wanted to buy the property to house two waste water tanks.

Several signs were placed around the property waring residents of the frequent flooding.

Ultimately, University City leaders voted that proposal down for not wanting to force people out of their homes.

News 4 sent the company a list of questions asking what their next steps are, now that the majority of the property is condemned .

The company did answer all the questions but they did send this following statement;

First, please understand the safety and well-being of our tenants is the top priority for us. In the recent situation, we worked to make sure all tenants were safe and then worked quickly to return rent payments and security deposits to them. To confirm, all appropriate rent payments and refunds have been sent to tenants with one exception. We are working with the individual to resolve that situation and expect to have it resolved soon.

We have and continue to work with the city and other government officials to find solutions to the situation. When there is an occasion of water damage in a unit, we assist the current tenant as much as possible. After that, we completely clean and repair the unit to ensure the health and safety of future tenants. We believe this careful and caring approach allows us to best serve those who entrust us with so much.

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