Republican Senate candidate from Missouri giving away an AR-15

Screenshot from Austin Petersen's website.

KMOV.COM - Austin Petersen, U.S. Senate candidate from Missouri, is giving away an AR-15 on his official website.

According to his website, when you add your name to a petition to "stand up to defend the Second Amendment," they'll add your name into a raffle to win an AR-15!"

Austin Peterson is running for the Republican primary to challenge incumbent Senator Claire McCaskill's U.S. Senate seat.

This wouldn't be the first time someone running for office offered up guns as a campaign contest.

Last year, Florida congressional candidate Greg Ever, held a contest for a custom-built semi-automatic rifle.

Austin Petersen released a statement after Attorney General Josh Hawley officially entered the Republican primary for U.S. Senate in Missouri:"Josh Hawley ran for Attorney General on the promise that he was not just another career politician climbing the political ladder. Unfortunately, he's now going back on that promise. He's proving himself to be the worst kind of career politician, one that tells everyone what they want to hear and stands for nothing...

The AR-15 giveaway, however, comes at a time when semi-automatic rifles are under intense scrutiny from the public as well as the accessories that can modify the firing technique of the gun.

The Las Vegas massacre shooter used a "bump stock" accessory on multiple semi-automatic weapons he had that allowed him to simulate a fully automatic firing pace.

Regulation policy of these "bump stock" accessories is gaining bipartisan support in congress and even the NRA has said that congress should look into whether or not these modification accessories should be regulated.

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