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Equal Pay Day is a national day to bring awareness to the discrepancy in pay between men and women.

Tuesday, April 10 is Equal Pay Day for 2018.

Here in Missouri, women make 78 cents for every dollar a man makes, according to data from The University of Missouri's Institute for Public Policy and The Women's Foundation.

But when you take a closer look, county by county, the data is even more alarming. In St. Louis County, the average salary for a man is $57,000. For women, the average is $42,000. This means women in St. Louis County make 73 cents for every one dollar a man makes.

In both St. Charles County and Franklin County, that number drops to 71 cents.

The pay gap is smaller in the City of St. Louis, where women make 86 cents for every one dollar a man makes.

So what's behind the pay gap?

Leaders with The Women's Foundation said many women leave the workforce during their prime high-earning potential years in order to start a family. In addition, women are more likely to settle for less when it comes to salary negotiation.

"Women tend to hold back and under value themselves," President and CEO of The Women's Foundation Wendy Doyle said. "So really being your own advocate is the important point to take here and focus it back on your performance."

The burden, however, doesn't solely fall on the employee. The Women's Foundation is pushing employers for paycheck transparency and banning salary history when applying for a promotion or new job.

The foundation also says this is a good time for bosses to take a step back, do an audit, ask if there is a pay gap at their company, and then do what they can to close that gap.

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