ST. LOUIS (CNN/KMOV) – Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) reacts to Missouri Republican Governor Mike Parson's decision to pardon Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the St. Louis couple who pointed guns at protesters who were walking by their home.

“It was absolutely unbelievable,” Bush described her reaction to the news. She added St. Louisans have called for others to be pardon but “that was not one.”

"They pointed their guns totally recklessly to a group of non-violent protesters walking down a street that had no clue that they lived there," she said. "[They] didn't care that they lived there, didn't know them, and didn't want to know them."

The McCloskeys, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges, said they felt threatened by the protesters, who were passing their home in June 2020 on their way to demonstrate in front of the mayor’s house nearby. Among those protesting that night was Bush. Her team told News 4 that Bush did not receive a citation in 2020. 

“I will not stand by and allow [Mark McCloskey] or our governor to hurt the very people that are doing the work that they should be doing. There are other people, Gov. Parson that you should be looking at,” Bush said. “We have an activist that's been sitting for such a long time. Do something. Actually, show up and be the governor of all the people of Missouri. Not just those that follow your type of politics that actually hurt Black people, that actually hurt brown people, that actually hurt people who are our LGBTQ communities.”

In 2018, then Rep. Bruce Franks asked Parson for a pardon for Ferguson protester Joshua Williams. Joshua was sentenced to eight years in prison for starting a fire at a store during the protest following the Michael Brown’s death.

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