ST. LOUIS ( -- Across the world, March 14 is known as Pi Day, but many St. Louisans will kindly remind others that this day marks the unofficial holiday of the Gateway to the West.

It's often celebrated with a nice cold Vess soda, a plate of toasted raviolis and topped off with a slice of gooey butter cake for dessert. There will be events all over the St. Louis region, including giveaways and parties to showcase local artists and businesses.

Nyara Williams, a photographer with the Preserve, said their South City business will offer free portraits for locals from 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. at the Profield Reserve on Cherokee Street to have as a keepsake to celebrate a moment in time. When asked about how long the 314-day tradition has been a part of her life, Williams said "it’s something we try to celebrate every year in [the Black] community.

Agreeing with Williams, Datiana Guerrero adds there is so much more to 314 Day than highlighting the city.

"Often times we celebrate the city but what we are doing is celebrating the people and also the city but it’s the people who make the city of St. Louis so great," said Datiana Guerrero of the Preserve. "And often times that isn't televised. All of the joy, all of the creatives, and the spaces that are being created in St. Louis."

Guerrero explains the city aims to “redefine and reimagine” the narrative each year. Breaking from past traditions, organizers from STLMade opted to make 314 day a week-long event to support local businesses.

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