ST. LOUIS ( -- The rain is already causing flooding issues in the St. Louis Metro. More than a foot of sewage water covered the basement in the Florissant home Mike Brown is renting Thursday. He said he woke up to the water around 6 a.m. 

“My clothes were flooded and my studio equipment, my girl work equipment because I work from home," Brown said. 

His kids toys are ruined. “Every single year this happens," the homeowner Brandon Czarnecki said. 

Most of the homes on his block also called about flooded basements. Czarnecki wants MSD and the city to step up and help. 

“We always provide and pay the bill on time. Pay the bill on time but they never come out here and fix anything quick. Everything is days, months to be able to do anything," Czarnecki said. 

It's not that simple, according to MSD. “Right now there’s nothing we can do because there’s nowhere for the water to go so we’re just waiting for it to subside," Sean Hadley with MSD said.

Hadley said the rain we've seen the last two days created the perfect storm, backing up the sewer system, which leads to flooding. Florissant has been hit the hardest. 

“We’ve seen probably over 200 plus water backup calls. In this area alone we’ve had 110," Hadley said. 

For now, it's just a waiting game until the rain stops. “The power is off, gas is off, everything is off here so we’ll see what we can do," Czarnecki said. 

Impacted homeowners are eligible for $3,000 minus a $100 deductible from MSD as part of their basement backup protection. Anyone with damage must report it to the customer service line at 314-768-6260 to be eligible.

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