WENTZVILLE, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Some Wentzville homeowners are worried a real estate flier could impact their property values.

Eric Schmidt thought his Keeneland Trails home was a great buy.

"We really did want something with a spacious backyard and some open area in the back," said Schmidt.

His property butts up to common grounds and a patch of woods, separating him from another subdivision across the way.

"It's a pretty awesome place. We have great neighbors, they would do anything for you," said Schmidt.

But when he recently got a flier saying a busy, four-lane road was being put in on the other side of his fence, he was surprised to say the least.

"This person was insinuating that a road was going in by our house pretty promptly and that we should, homeowners should consider putting their homes on the market right away so they don't get stuck with dropping home values," said Schmidt.

Schmidt gave News 4 a copy of the flier, which reads, in part, "Now you may not wish to back to a busy 4-lane road (similar to the parkway). The noise, pollution, possible danger, and it could definitely effect your property value in a negative manor. If you're thinking of selling your home, now is the time. We can help."

The real estate agent behind the flier, Rohnn Kostelecky, is defending his marketing.

"My motivation was to help these folks," said Kostelecky. "Save them some money, and get out while you can."

"I have to say, I think it's kind of a scare tactic," said Schmidt.

The road Kostelecky mentions has been in the work for years. It is part of a multi-phase project called David Hoekel Parkway. The new road that will run behind Schmidt's house will connect Goodfellow Road to West Meyer Road.

David Gipson, Wentzville's City Administrator, explained, "This new roadway is not being designed for commercial build out. Its primary purposes are to mitigate existing traffic congestion on the Wentzville Parkway and to provide a faster, safer route home for our residents."

Unlike Kostelecky's flier suggests, the road is currently designed with only two lanes, although Gipson confirms there is enough room for four lanes if they need to expand in the future.

Kostelecky argues homeowners should have already known about the project.

"They have these sellers’ disclosures they fill out and if there is anything that will affect the value of the house, they need to tell them," said Kostelecky.

Wentzville city officials confirm the road was in the works even before homes in Keeneland Trails were built.

"The process of public involvement for David Hoekel Parkway began in 1999 with the City’s Comprehensive Plan ‘A Community’s Vision’," said Gipson. He says the subdivision's original developer was required to give all homeowners a brochure that included plans for David Hoekel Parkway.

"The Keeneland Trails Final Development Plan first showed the David Hoekel Parkway preservation area in December 2005. Kenneland Trails Plat Three officially dedicated the right-of-way in January 2007," said Gipson.

But Schmidt says no one told him about the road when he bought his house a year and half ago.

"I'm pretty upset," said Schmidt.

Kostelecky doesn't worry the new road will discourage home buyers, even though he's encouraging others to sell now because of the road.

"Buyers have their motivation, sellers have their motivation," said Kostelecky “Maybe they like the area, the school, the neighbors, maybe it (the road) doesn’t bother them.”

That much, Schmidt agrees with, even though he has no plans to sell right now.

"To the right people, I think it will be fine. Wentzville is one of the fastest growing cites in Missouri and location is everything," said Schmidt, adding, "I’m going to try to look at the positive side of it and it will be a lot easier to get down to I-70."

Wentzville city leaders say construction on the road won't begin until 2022.

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