ST. LOUIS ( - Saint Louis University is investigating five reports of rape on campus this semester since August 9. The latest was reported to have happened Saturday night in an on-campus residential hall.

"It's really sad it's that many is such a short amount of time,” said student, Kelsey Fraley.

According to the Clery Act alert that was sent to students, Saturday’s sexual assault involved someone known to the victim and occurred around 10:30 p.m. Four of the reported rapes occurred in on-campus housing but one was reported to have happened near Hermann Stadium.

None of the rapes are being investigated by St. Louis police but are being handled by the SLU’s Title IX office. Students have the right to choose whether to involve police or not.

"I would be very worried if our numbers were zero, right, because we know these things are happening. And if they are happening, we need to know about it so we can help our students,” said Title IX coordinator Anna Kratky.

While SLU’s had five reported rapes since early August, both Washington University and UMSL have had none. At more than twice the enrollment, The University of Missouri-Columbia reports having five rapes on campus since early August.

Nationwide, it’s estimated that 20-25 percent of female students will experience some sort of sexual assault on a college campus. Kratky doesn’t believe the problem is any worse at SLU but that students may feel more comfortable reporting the crime. In 2 of the 5 reported rapes at SLU, Kratky said friends of the victims were the first to come forward.

"When you say the number five what that means to me is that students here at SLU know how to report, they know where my office is and who I am, and they know how to get the support and resources that they may need after something like this happens,” said Kratky.

The YWCA Hotline is 314-531-RAPE (7273).

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