Protesters gathered outside the Jefferson County Courthouse Tuesday to bring attention to a driver involved in two violent driving incidents.

Christie Bean, 46, attended a court hearing in Hillsboro in a case where she's charged with second-degree assault for knocking a man down with her car door and then driving over his leg.

Also attending the hearing was Beverly Rath, whose son was killed in a head-on collision involving Bean on Labor Day of 2016. Rath wants the charges against Bean in that case to be elevated.

"Please raise that charge from misdemeanor to manslaughter if not for us for the rest of the citizens that live in the state or drive the roadways. I mean she's going to kill someone else and we need to get her off the streets," said Rath.

Damon Dees, 32, was riding his motorcycle on Highway 30 in Franklin County September 5 when the pickup driven by Bean crossed the center line and struck Dees. She was charged in February with careless and imprudent driving, failure to register a vehicle, driving without a license and without insurance.

Dees' father, Eric Dees told News 4, "What we've read on the statutes at least she qualifies for involuntary manslaughter."

Bean is also the woman caught on surveillance video stealing license plates from a car in Cedar Hills that News 4 reported on earlier this year. A check of court records found that Bean's been charged with 23 traffic violations in the last seven years, as well as stealing and drug possession.

Relatives of Damon Dees met with Franklin County prosecutor Bob Parks in February to ask for a more serious charge that could result in jail time, but Parks told the family he couldn't do that. Although he couldn't talk about specifics of the case with News 4, he said the most difficult part of his job is when he has to tell the loved ones of crime victims that he can't file charges in a case or the charges they want.

"Or I have to do a lower charge because I just can't prove or do not have the evidence for a more serious charge. And it's as frustrating to me and my office as it is the victims," said Parks.

Family members were disappointed.

But the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office said if new evidence comes to light, it'll take a fresh look at the case.

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