ST. LOUIS ( -- Over 800 Methodists from all over the world are in St. Louis this weekend to vote on an official church-wide stance on sexuality.

Saturday was the first of the four-day long conference which brought out protesters as delegates walked into the Dome at America's Center.

Delegates will be voting on three different options this weekend, one to allow same sex marriages and LGBTQ members to become ordained pastors.

UMC at The Dome at America's Center

Attendees and protesters of the United Methodist Church Conference wait outside the Dome at America's Center.

Another option is to divide the church into different branches separated by their stances on homosexuality.

The third option would continue to prohibit clergy from performing same-sex marriages, and strengthen that enforcement.

Protesters from the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church and other anti-same-sex marriage groups came out to the conference.

UMC protesting

A banner protesting discussions of LGBTQ issues at the United Methodist Church conference is displayed outside The Dome at America's Center.

"What's going on here today is not what god had planned,” said Nancy Spandle. “Marriage is between a man and a woman, especially the leader of a church."

The protesters remained peaceful, and the United Methodist Delegates had representatives handing out chocolate and gloves among the protesters. They said the gloves were to keep people warm waiting outside to get into the conference and the chocolate to help people relax during a weekend of intense deliberation.

"It can get tense and people can forget why they're here and who they are and we just want to help them," said UMC delegate Marv Rose.

The conference will go until Tuesday night. The final decision on this vote could come anytime before then.

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