ELLISVILLE, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- A man was reunited with the Popeyes employees and first-responders who performed CPR on him when he stopped breathing in the drive-thru line.

Metro West Fire posted this sweet story on Facebook.

Popeyes life saving 2

From Metro West Fire

Colleen Chance was in the drive-thru of the Ellisville restaurant with her father, Harry. She was shocked to find he had stopped breathing.

“It just happened in an instant,” Chance said.

Chance yelled through the drive-thru speaker for someone to call 911. She pulled her father from the car and started CPR.

“Within seconds there were people,” Chance said. “Lots of people.”

They were coming to help including restaurant manager Chris Kopp and employee Richard Frenchie.

Popeyes employees save life

From Metro West Fire

Frenchie took over CPR. He and Kopp took turns trying to revive Harry before Ellisville police and Metro West Fire arrived to take over. Paramedics used the defibrillator on Harry to correct his heart rhythm.

Harry began breathing on his own again and was taken to the hospital where Metro West said he spent a few days recovering.

This week the whole life-saving crew gathered again at the Popeyes. Metro West Fire Chief Mike Krause talked about the importance of bystanders knowing and administering CPR. And Harry got to meet all the people who stepped up to help him.

Popeyes life saving

From Metro West Fire

“They just jumped in to save my dad’s life,” Chance said. “It reminded me there are good, kind, selfless people all around us.”

Among those who helped was Merrilee Hertlein, who Metro West said quietly gathered the things that had been thrown from Chance's car. She would later drive the car to the hospital for Chance.

Popeyes CPR

From Metro West Fire

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