ST. LOUIS ( -- Crime continues despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, a shooting in what's normally a very busy intersection, was caught on camera last week. 

Now the St. Louis police union wants to know why the person arrested is back out on the streets Wednesday.

The union said the video - which is difficult to watch - makes it clear, the shooter needs to be behind bars

“It’s just too gruesome,” said Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Union.

Roorda says the video, taken from a nearby window, captures the shooting that happened on Lindell and Sarah in the city's Central West End Friday.

Police say two people involved in a car accident got into an argument. News 4 has chosen to blur their faces. But you can see the man in blue yelling, then the man on the left pulls out a weapon from his pocket, raises it and fires.

The victim turns and starts running, and still, more shots.

Police say he was shot in the shoulder, stomach and back, but is expected to survive.

“It’s certainly enough to charge the guy,” Roorda said.

Roorda said officers are frustrated the shooter was released from custody the next days, without charges being filed.

“No one can watch that video and think that guy has to be on the street,” he said.

News 4 reached out to the Circuit Attorney’s Office who sent a statement, insinuating the issue isn't as clear as it may seem on film.

"The police brought the case citing self-defense. We have requested further evidence and will evaluate whether or not to issue charges once we have all the information. It is unfortunate that the police union has inserted themselves in this case when all the facts are not known," the statement said. 

But Roorda refutes the claim police cited self-defense.

He says the prosecutor's office could have charged the shooter already.

Even during the coronavirus crisis, he said, officers are working hard to get justice.

“The officers did a thorough investigation and it’s not just the video, it's the totality of the investigation,” Roorda said.

News 4 will continue to track the situation and let you know when we learn about charges.

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