Police: People run howling and nude through Sullivan streets after taking 'Flakka'

Flakka (Credit: CNN)

SULLIVAN, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Police in Sullivan said they responded to multiple reports of bizarre human behavior over the weekend, likely the result of the drug 'Flakka,' a synthetic drug known to cause crazy behavior.

Sullivan police told News 4 they responded to reports of people barking like dogs, running nude, and breaking into homes and business. They received at least one report of a person stripping naked to shower in a soda fountain.

The emerging drug can alter brain chemistry in such a way that users can't control their thoughts and it can increase adrenalin.

The man-made drug causes a high similar to cocaine. But like "bath salts," a group of related synthetic drugs that were banned in 2012, Flakka has the potential to be much more dangerous than cocaine, CNN reported.

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