Police looking for suspect in ‘bump and run’ carjacking in Breckenridge Hills

Police say this man is responsible for a recent carjacking in Breckenridge Hills. Credit: Breckenridge Hills PD

Breckenridge Hills police are searching for a suspect in a carjacking that happened Monday morning.

Police said the victim was stopped at a red light near the intersection of Breckenridge and Woodson when his car was rear-ended by a white Chevy.

The victim says he was driving home after a trip to Indiana.

The victim then pulled into a nearby parking lot when the passenger from the Chevy got out, opened the passenger side door of the victim’s car, displayed a handgun and ordered the victim to get out, police said.

"He pushed my cell phone. While he's doing that, he takes the gun like this and I say for sure, he is going to shoot me," said the man who wanted to keep his name secret. "When I saw the gun, I said 'oh sh**, I am going to die."

Both cars then went west on Breckenridge Road and the victim’s car was found near the intersection of Breckenridge and Ashby, but the keys to his car are still missing.

The victim said he is thankful but wants the key ring back. It holds keys to two houses, two vehicles and a storage unit.

"I am still scared. I am still shaking. It's been a full day, but I am still not okay," he said.

The victim said more than $15,000 was hidden inside the truck along with the payroll for his employees. Police believe the suspect never saw either. Both were found with the truck.

Surveillance cameras captured the suspect, who authorities believe lives near the intersection of Ashby and Breckenridge.

If you have any information on the incident or the suspect’s whereabouts, call Breckenridge Hills Police at 314-426-1214 extension 140.

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