ST. LOUIS ( -- A Missouri state representative accused of rape by a fellow lawmaker is now suing his accuser for defamation. Steven Roberts' attorney says the allegations made by Cora Faith Walker were malicious. The intent is for the lawsuit to set record straight.

"He is not interested in money, he is really interested in Mrs. Walker to come out, issues a statement and retracting her previous lies,” says Jeremy Hollingshead, Roberts' attorney.

In the lawsuit, Roberts says he has known Walker for almost a decade. They reconnected earlier this year when they both were running for the Missouri House of Representatives. For months, they exchanged text messages.

"It was an opportunity to sort of reconnect and that's when all the facts discussed in our petition started happening,” says Hollingshead.

Roberts has a different take on what happened the night Walker accused him of rape. According to the lawsuit, Roberts says Walker texted him from Troy's Jazz Bar and he went to meet her. After leaving around 10:00 that night of August 26th 2016, Roberts says Walker turned down his offer to go to another bar, but accepted his offer to go to his apartment. They both got in Roberts' car and stopped at Straub's in the Central West End, but the store was closed.

“She is wearing an outfit that is consistent with my clients story. They were at a party together, decided to leave the party and go get pizzas, chardonnay and head back to his place,” he says.

They went to Schnucks on Lindell, to get the pizza, chardonnay and condoms. Later that night, the suit says they had sex three times.

“It's a very casual approach, which really is consistent with the two people who had a sexual encounter the night before and were preparing to possibly and did have a sexual encounter that evening,” says Hollingshead.

Roberts says after that evening, Walker woke up at about 6:00 a.m. and was frustrated. When Roberts asked what was wrong he says she told him she was supposed to have gone home the night before. Later that day, they texted and nothing seemed to be wrong. In late September, Walker accused Roberts of rape. No charges were pressed.

"For Steven, his concern is can his reputation be restored. Is it possible even with all the evidence and facts presented in this lawsuit to restore that reputation?” says Hollingshead.

As for Cora Faith Walker, News 4 reached out but has not yet heard back.