ST. LOUIS ( -- The St. Louis attorney at the center of now-dismissed Eric Greitens invasion of privacy case has released photos of, what he says, is money delivered by the Missouri Times publisher.

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Al Watkins' lawfirm received two $50,000 cash payments in January. Watkins represents the ex-husband of a woman that Greitens had an affair with. In a recording made in 2015, the woman is heard telling her then-husband that she had an affair with Greitens, who is accused of taking a photo of her in a compromising position and threatening to share the photo if she spoke about their relationship.

Read: Newspaper publisher is source of mysterious $50k payment in Greitens case

Greitens has admitted to the affair but denied wrongdoing.

Thursday, in a response to News 4's request, Watkins sent two photos; one purporting to show the first $50,000 cash payment and a second showing a bank teller counting the money before deposit.

Watkins on Wednesday said the first payment, which was allegedly delivered by Missouri Times publisher Scott Faughn, came from a wealthy Republican donor.

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