NORTH COUNTY, Mo. ( – Ronisha Pampkin, the person of interest in an assault on a MetroLink officer has been taken into custody.

Lampkin was initially charged with third degree assault, but the charges could be updated depending on the severity of the victim's injuries.


The St. Louis County Police Department said they are searching for a person of interest in connection to an assault of a MetroLink security guard that was caught on camera.

The attack was caught on camera and has MetroLink riders in disbelief.

MetroLink officials are hoping for a speedy recovery for their employee who suffered injuries to the face.

Police say the security guard was doing her job – keeping the platform safe and collecting fares from riders. But that is when one rider snapped.

According to police, the fight started after a woman punched the security guard in the face on the North Hanley MetroLink platform.

Kareem Jones is a MetroLink rider and says he witnessed the entire fight.

“She [security guard] kept asking her if she had her transfer, and I don't think she had one. So I guess that is why she fought the security guard,” said Jones.

News 4 Reporter Cory Stark showed the video that is circulating on social media to other MetroLink riders.

“It makes you be more aware of your surroundings and really watch yourself and the people that are with you,” said a MetroLink rider.

The video shows many people standing around, not getting involved.

Another MetroLink rider said, “Honestly more people could have gotten hurt if they stepped in and it might not have helped the situation.”

Passengers say the riders actions are upsetting. But they also say the incident highlights a lack of security at MetroLink stations, especially since no other guards or law enforcement officers were there to help.

“Those security guards up here, they can't really do anything, they can't arrest anybody, they can't put anybody in handcuffs. They have to wait for police to come,” said Jones.

MetroLink officials say they are looking into the incident and will review it to see if there is anything that can be done differently to keep employees and riders safe.

Police and MetroLink officials are asking anyone who knows the suspect to contact them.

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