ST. LOUIS ( -- An investigation is underway after serious allegations at the St. Louis City's tow lot where two employees are already in trouble, according to the St. Louis Mayor's office.

News 4 has been hearing about allegations at the city-owned tow lot for months. The allegations claim some shady behavior was going on.

"There is other bad behavior, people with bad behavior, that we want to resolve all the issues," the St. Louis Mayor's Chief of Staff, Steve Conway said. He tells News 4 several employees came forward with serious allegations of wrong doing at the city's tow lot.

State Senator Karla May has heard the same.

Last month, she sent a letter saying she had "grave concern" about allegations such as, "falsifying city documents/records; forging city contracts; improper use of overtime; and theft of city property."

Conway said even before May's letter, they were on it, after an employee reported concerns in January.

"It’s serious enough that within 48 hours, I was over at police headquarters, meeting with one of the coronals and the extended staff," Conway said.

One specific allegation concerns a reportedly stolen car that ended up at a tow lot employee's home.

Pictures of what is reportedly the car in question were sent to us.

Conway said that's something that never should happen under any circumstance.

Two employees have been put on administrative leave about a month ago. The one leave has been extended for 30 days and the other employee is in the process of being terminated.

Other allegations include cars slated to be crushed and sold for scrap are making their way out of the tow lot instead.

Conway said the investigation is very much on-going.

"We have intelligence and our cyber security people looking at all the records that have been run through there," he said.

Other employees might eventually also be in hot water.

"Oh absolutely, when we are done," Conway said. "The mayor is very serious about this and that's what she has demanded of the Chief and his crew."

The police filed for charges on one employee due to these allegations, but prosecutors refused the case, pending more information.

Conway said there hasn't been a department head over the tow lot for some time, mostly because no one wants to work for so little pay.

He also said they are planning on installing new security cameras at the tow lot.

Some people might remember, the city tow lot was embroiled in scandal about ten years ago.

A pair of businessmen brothers, as well as some city police officers, were implicated in a scheme to profit from cars on the lot.

Police Chief Joe Mokwa was never named, but resigned amidst the scandal.

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