LADUE, Mo. ( -- Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators gathered in West County Friday afternoon to protest the death of George Floyd and against police brutality. 

The West County protest was put together by a recent graduate and current senior of Ladue High School and began at the St. Louis County Library on Lindbergh in Frontenac. 

“We feel like people in Ladue can avoid it when it’s other places, but they can’t avoid it when it’s in their own backyard," said one of the protest organizers, Victoria Neal. “They have the ability to make change out of all the people throughout the county; people with money can change anything.”

Dozens of people lined the streets cheering on the protesters as they marched by, including Krystal Barnett with the organization Bridge 2 Hope. 

“After we get through marching for justice for George Floyd we want change in the laws. We need the laws to reflect black people," Barnett.  

Another group of protesters gathered at Lindenwood Park in south St. Louis for a Black Lives Matter rally. 

Hundreds also gathered in The Grove and marched through the Central West End for the 'pride protest.' 

“I think The Grove is one of those places that you know everyone is free to believe what they want and take care of each other and I think it’s the perfect spot to do something like this," said David Sandusky, owner of Beast Butcher & Block. 

Sandusky prepared 100 pounds of pork and was handing it out to protesters for free. 

The main message of the 'pride protest' was black trans lives matter. 

“I’m here as a white ally for black trans lives as a trans non-binary person I know that it was black trans women of color are the reason why the queer community has any of the rights that we do," said one of the protesters who asked to remain anonymous. 

At one point, protesters lined Forest Park Avenue near IKEA for a 'soul train line' where they took turns dancing down the middle while the crowd cheered them on. 

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