Parents upset with Parkway School District response to social media threat

Parents in the Parkway School District are upset over the way the district is handling a threat that a student made on social media. Credit: KMOV

Some parents are upset with the Parkway School District’s response to a violent threat made by a student on social media.

Parents say a 7th-grade boy from Southwest Middle School threatened a girl on social media a few weeks ago. A screenshot of the post shows the boy writing that if the girl blocked him, he was going to “hire a hitman to kill you.”

The post goes on to say “I am going to cut you open and watch you bleed out.”

Another parent who has a son at the school says she first heard about a threat during spring break, saying she was alarmed when she read the post.

Many parents say they don’t believe the school has been very forthcoming with information about the threat.

The school district says there are privacy issues to consider. A letter was emailed out to parents on Thursday afternoon, saying the threat was not directed at the school but rather an individual. If the threat had gone beyond that, then parents would have been notified.

The district said the student behind the threat has received “a significant consequence.”

Parents say they are frustrated by the lack of information. At least two parents kept their kids home Thursday because the student who made the threat is back in class.

Another mother said she spoke to the principal about the situation.

“He said the boy has the right to go to school and I said 'I agree, but my child has the right to go to school and feel safe,” she said.

The girl who was the subject of the threat has transferred to another district.

A spokesperson said the parents of the boy who made the threat are “devastated” and the parents and district are working closely with the boy.

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