Parents speak out about 4-year-old son beaten, stomped on; suspect charged

Kristina Solorio-Campbell (Credit: Alton Police Department)

Alton Police detectives are investigating an assault of a 4-year old boy Sunday in the 700 block of Oakwood. The boy's parents say the father's girlfriend, Kristina Solorio-Campbell, was arrested and charged for the attack.

"There's no excuse for that at all, none. I don't care what a child does, there's no excuse for that, period," said Nickie Vincent, the mother of 4-year old Tomias Covington.The boy's father, Tommie Covington, said his three children were staying at his apartment for the weekend. He said one of the children ran to him in the basement and told him Tomias was being stomped on.Covington said he ran upstairs and saw his girlfriend standing over his son, "He had blood coming out of his nose, out of his ears and the side of his face, looked just so beat up."Covington said he doesn't know what provoked the attack. Police were called to the home and had to carry the suspect to a waiting patrol car because she refused to cooperate.Tomias was treated at a local hospital for cuts and bruises, as well as an injured neck and blood in his ears. "I'm just glad somebody came and got (Tomias), because honestly, it would have got worse and my son probably wouldn't be here today," said Vincent.Police wouldn't comment on the ongoing investigation.

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