ST. LOUIS ( -- A mother said another parent approached her 10-year-old daughter in the middle of class and yelled insults and threatened her at a charter school in the Central West End.

Ciera Witherspoon said she is disappointed in her daughter’s teacher and the school for allowing the angry parent to walk into the classroom unescorted despite the secured entrances.

“I’m very angry as a mother, I feel like the school system failed my child’s safety,” said Witherspoon.

Witherspoon said she’s trying to get answers after she said leaders at The Biome Charter School in the Central West End allegedly allowed another parent to threaten her daughter last month.

She said that parent was upset over a disagreement that their daughters had.

“She was telling her, ‘I’d smack you, I fight kids,’” Witherspoon said.

She said her daughter told her the teacher didn’t intervene.

“She went into the classroom she asked who Promise was, the teacher then identified Promise,” Witherspoon said.

That’s when Witherspoon said the parent began the verbal insults and threats at her 10-year-old.

“It’s a lot of things going on in today’s society, that parent could have came into that classroom did anything to my child. She could have harmed my child and the teacher did not do anything to deescalate that problem,” Witherspoon said.

News 4 reached out to the school to get their side.

The school’s president told us over the phone he didn’t want to elaborate on this situation. He said that their side of things is different.

However, he went on to say this was an internal matter and didn’t want to speak any further.

“I just want to know why did the school system fail her? Why isn’t anyone being held accountable? Why isn‘t the teacher being held accountable?” Witherspoon asked.

While the school won’t tell us if any action was taken against the parent in question or the teacher, Witherspoon said she was told by the principal that the parent was banned from the school.

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