Out of grief, frustration, mother works as detective to solve son's murder

Michael Lee, Jr. Credit: KMOV

An East St. Louis man’s murder has spurred his mother to act as a detective.

Angela Carpenter said she is frustrated that nobody has been arrested in connection with the death of her son, Michael Lee, Jr., who was killed in June 2017.

10 months later, she has worked like a detective trying to help real investigators find her son’s killer.

“I call these people every day. I email everything I have found out. Their response to me is you’re going to get justice,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said her son was killed after he and a group hung out outside lofts on Washington Avenue in downtown St. Louis. He died near the intersection of 12th and Baker in East St. Louis. She said his body was dumped.

“I cry every night. I cry every morning. I think about him all day long,” said Carpenter.

She said she has pulled her son’s phone records and told investigators that loft managers saw a group of young men on their security cameras the night her son was killed.

“If you have the cameras, you have the phone records, you have the texts and all of the Facebook messages, what’s the problem?” Carpenter said. “Put it out there so someone can talk and these criminals can go to jail. They are still lurking around and acting like they have not killed my son.”

East St. Louis Police say they passed the case onto Illinois State Police (ISP). News 4 called and emailed ISP but have yet to hear back.

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