ST. LOUIS ( -- The St. Louis County Council has launched an investigation into allegations that former County Auditor Mark Tucker committed sexual harassment in the workplace.

Tucker was fired by the Council earlier this month for reasons of “incompetence, neglect or malfeasance while in office.”

He had been the subject of several News 4 investigations dating back to 2017, specifically regarding his qualifications while in office. Now, there is new information, which some councilmembers say not only casts a light on his employment, but calls into question whether reported incidents were properly investigated or dealt with.

“During the investigation into the continued employment the County Auditor, this Council, in closed session, was presented with evidence of pervasive sexual discrimination and harassment by the former County Auditor,” said Councilmember Mark Harder at Tuesday’s Council Meeting.

Harder said the allegations were both verbal and physical in nature.

“It was also discovered in that meeting that past County Council Chairs and County Executives were aware of these actions yet failed to take corrective action or implement policies sufficient to instantly stop and address sexual harassment,” Harder said.

Harder added there was fear of retaliation, resulting in some employees being too frightened to report the harassment. He called on the Council to launch an investigation and to implement better policies for reporting and investigating incidents of workplace harassment.

Councilmember Tim Fitch agreed to lead the investigation. News 4 has reached out to Tucker for comment, but we have not heard back.

St. Louis County Auditor Mark Tucker was fired from his job Thursday, after a vote of councilmembers for reasons of “incompetence, neglect of malfeasance while in office.”

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