FENTON, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Saturday’s traffic problems along Interstate 44 included dozens of semi trucks. Some that were able to exit the highway were forced to hunker down at a roadside gas station.

In Fenton, Missouri, the Road Ranger on I-44 became a place of refuge for road ragers.

Truckers heading cross-country got stranded in Missouri through the night.

Tim Vanhouter, a trucker from New York, pulled into the Road Ranger gas station in Fenton along with a handful of other truckers who decided the best plan of action was to pull over and wait out the back-up.

"I always stop when it get's nasty, it's not worth it," said Vanhouter.

Others like, Eric Ricker who was on his way to work, got trapped on the interstate just a mile from their exit.

"it was like some sort of purgatory … being stuck in limbo," said Ricker.

The dangerous roads left drivers frustrated.

"It's annoying, I'm not a winter guy,” said one commuter. “I hate the snow we get there. I could never live out here with you guys."

And some, like Beatrice who got off work late Friday night, waited overnight for her ride home.

Dozens of driver's left to pass the time or try to catch some z's.

By morning though, there were no strangers at the road ranger.

"I was kind of scared to sleep in strange places,” said Beatrice They offered me a shower, and gave me pillows, and coffee they fed me too. "The hospitality here was great, shout out at road ranger they were great."

"I jumped the curb to get in here and now we're just stacked in here like one big happy family," said Vanhouter. 

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