McCloskey postcard

Mark and Patricia McCloskey left an autographed postcard of themselves (L) and an unsigned one (R) at a restaurant in Ladue Tuesday.

LADUE, Mo. ( – After they were finished eating at a local restaurant Tuesday, Mark and Patricia McCloskey left the server an autographed photo of themselves pointing guns at protesters outside their Central West End home, a woman eating at a nearby table said.

Andrea Spencer said she met a friend for breakfast around 10:00 a.m. Tuesday. She said she had the same server as the McCloskeys.

“We were having breakfast and I noticed all this commotion around the table when they had left. The server was like ‘Oh my God, look what they left me,” said Spencer. “I saw it and thought ‘Oh my God.’ It was just flabbergasting think that you’re capitalizing on these 15 minutes of shame that you have, and to publicize it on a postcard. I thought it was strange.”

The couple left two photos with their tip, Spencer said. Spencer took photos of the postcards, which read "thanks for the great service!" and posted them to Facebook.

The restaurant where all of this happened, the Original Pancake House in Ladue, said the server and others inside were surprised by the signed postcard.

The McCloskeys are charged with unlawful use of a weapon and tampering with physical evidence. The two were seen pointing guns at protesters who were walking by their home on Portland Place in late June. The couple claims they were acting in self-defense.

Attorney Al Watkins, who is representing the McCloskeys, said the couple carries postcards because they received a lot of requests for autographs.

"It's almost as if they had done it before or were very comfortable in doing it. It seemed like to me they didn't want to be forgotten or they didn't get recognized as much as they wanted to when they were there," said Spencer.

The McCloskeys were in court Wednesday, where they pleaded not guilty.

[Update: October 14 - A photographer whose images were used in the postcard told News 4 Wednesday the couple did not obtain permission to use the photo and may be in violation of copyright laws.]

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