BYRNES MILL, Mo. ( --Eight police officers in Jefferson County went on record with serious accusations against their direct supervisor Thursday.

The Byrnes Mill Police Department had eight members of the force sign a letter they called, “a vote of no confidence” that lays out accusations against lieutenant Roger Ide.

The accusations include illegal searches, seizures and of cheating taxpayers by “double dipping” by getting paid twice for only working one shift.

In the letter police say the lieutenant, “violated citizens’ constitutional rights and padded his timesheet to get paid for hours he didn’t work.”

News 4 spoke to Ide who has denied the claims. 

"All of our traffic stops are on audio and video, I mean, anybody can go review them anytime they want," said Ide. "Everything is documented. There's time sheets, everything is there and it's documented."

Dennis Pyatt, who was stopped by Ide, does not believes his traffic stop was "justified at all."

Pyatt believes Ide was hoping to issue a violation when he was stopped. He said Ide couldn't see the front license plate from where he was positioned. 

"I was making a left hand turn and the tag was on the right side of my bumper in front at a side angle," said Pyatt. 

The traffic stop was recorded by Pyatt's dash cam and Pyatt was issued a warning. 

According to the Lieutenant, he believes he s the target of a smear campaign by someone who wants the chief's job when he retires. 

"He made it really clear to multiple people that he wants to be chief of police, the next chief of police and there's one person standing in the way and that's me," said, Ide. 

The Arnold Police Department has been brought in to investigate the allegations. The investigation is expected to be finished next week and the mayor is promising to release the result.

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