ST. LOUIS ( -- On the day Officer Katlyn Alix died, her mom Aimee described her as, “Polite, kind, above and beyond a daughter. More like a best friend.”

Rosenblum Family

Also on that fateful day, Alix's family was unsettled with questions.

“The way, how everything went down, I don't like it. I think there are more answers. We need more answers,” Amiee said.

Now nearly a week later, on the day they buried the 24-year old officer and veteran, that search for answers continues.

That is why the family hired a private attorney to look into the case, saying they want to make sure they have a chance to see whether the initial investigation was properly done.

“You don't want anything to be destroyed or removed, like any scene,” said attorney Scott Rosenblum. “Keep everything intact so we can see what was done, what should have been done, and maybe what wasn't done .”

In the meantime, Alix's family is trying to quell the rumors that have filled the void left by unanswered questions and remember her for the life she lived.

“Don't listen to the rumors, just wait. Just wait,” said Alix’s father Ron. “She doesn't deserve everything that's being said about her. It's really hurtful to us every time we hear it on TV or pick up a paper.”

Timeline established for 2 on-duty officers in the hours before Katlyn Alix was killed

Rosenblum said they've sent a letter to all parties to make sure any and all evidence is preserved. After that they will see what legal avenues they want to pursue, one of which may be a civil suit.

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