HOUSTON, TX (CBS NEWSPATH) – Nurse Jennifer Bridges is the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit against Houston’s Methodist Hospital, which is requiring all workers to get the COVID-19 vaccine or risk losing their jobs.

“If we’re not comfortable injecting something into our body, do not fire us and make us lose our livelihoods,” said Bridges.

Hospital CEO Dr. Marc Boom said 99% of employees have already been vaccinated. He called the lawsuit “nonsense.”

“We have incredible real-world experience to show that these are safe and effective,” Dr. Boom stated. “We have a sacred responsibility to keep our patients safe.”

Bridges said she has not been vacationed because she is not comfortable with it yet. “There’s not enough proper research out yet,” she said. “It’s still in the experimental phase.”

Bridges’ argument doesn’t hold up to the science, according to CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. David Agust.

“Experimental means that you do not know if it’s safe and you don’t know if it works,” he said. “These are thoroughly tested vaccines that have been show to stop the virus and are very safe.”

While the lawsuit faces an uphill battle, one part of the complaint could prove convincing.

“Their point is that these vaccines only have been issued for emergency use only,” said CBS News Legal Analyst Rikki Kleiman. “The court could issue an injunction and really basically say, well, you can’t fire these employees yet. At least until we know if the FDA is going to grant approval. But, it would be a different lawsuit if the FDA gives full approval.”

When asked if she would get vaccinated if the COVID-19 vaccine gets full FDA approval, Bridges said, “Not anytime soon.”

Pfizer and Moderna have already applied for full approval. At Methodist Hospital, unvaccinated workers could be placed on a two week unpaid suspension and then could most likely lose their jobs after that.

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